How To Access The EmPower HR Login Portal

The EmPower HR login Portal is the official login page for online management system of EmPower HR employees and managers. With this login portal, all the Employees and managers can access and manage their accounts online from home, at work or on the go 24 hours 7 days in week.

If you are an employee or a manager looking for instructions on how to log in to the employee portal, create a new login, or to change or reset passwords, fill out payroll, view pay stubs, update W-2 or I-9 forms, update direct deposit information, this post can help.

Why Access The EmPower HR Login Portal?

You can access your HR and payroll information on the go through the EmPower HR Login portal. Anything you can do in Employee app you can also do in the EmPower HR Employee Portal portal. You have full access to your HR and payroll information, whenever you need it.

  • Pay stubs and history
  • Time off requests
  • Benefits summary
  • Personal contact information
  • Document management
  • HR support contacts

And if you’re a manager, you can approve time off requests, see employee details, and more.

New User Registration For Employees

The EmPowerHR platform helps your organization deliver world-class HR services for your clients and their employees. However, to access the EmPowerHR employee portal, first you must have an account with username and password. Follow the steps below to register your account.

  • Visit the Employee Portal
  • Click on “Register” to access the new user registration page
  • On the registration page enter your details on the spaces provided
  • Then click on “Register”

How To Access The EmPower HR Login Portal

Before you can access the EmPower HR Login portal, you need to be a registered employee. To access the right portal option, go to the EmPower HR employee internal application access page by following the steps below.

EmPower HR Login

Need Help? If you are an employee who needs assistance, you can go to and fill the form. Managers who need assistance can go to to get help.

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