How To Access NYC DOE Payroll Portal

The NYC DOE Payroll Portal allows you to quickly access your payroll and HR contractual data from any location. You can log in to manage your profile, change your security questions, and change your password. Visit the NYC DOE Payroll Portal to find information about your salary and personal paycheck.

Employees can access their salary information and enroll in various DoE programs online at the DoE’s Payroll Portal. Employees must have DoE email IDs to access the Payroll Portal. If a member does not have an ID they should call the DoE Helpdesk at 212-935-5100.

Welcome Letter and DOE Login

You will receive a welcome letter authorizing you to begin working and containing information to get you started once you have received clearance to do so. Review the welcome letter and refer to your HR Director or point person for any clarifications. 

You will also receive two emails when you receive your welcome letter: one with your user ID and DOE email account, and another with your password information for DOE systems. Once you have your DOE user ID and password, you can begin to use key DOE systems for accessing human resources forms and information.

Once you have your login, you will be able to go to the NYCDOE InfoHub and click “Employee Sign-in” at the top right. Once signed in, you will have access to many pages with information for DOE employees—go to “DOE Topics,” click “Human Resources,” and from there explore the page called “New Employees—Beginning Work at the DOE”.

If you are a new employee in the application and clearance stage and have questions, please reach out to your hiring manager or your Human Resources Director.

How To Access NYC DOE Payroll Portal

The DoE’s goal is to eliminate paper enrollments and use the Payroll Portal, so employees should be encouraged to use it. Employees can access the Payroll Portal with the help of the in-depth instructions provided below. Please feel free to duplicate and distribute.

How To Access NYC DOE Payroll Portal

First type the web address in your browser. This will take you directly to the DoE’s Payroll Portal.

Enter the appropriate information as follows: Network/Email ID, Password and choose and enter your SS, EIS ID or Employee ID. Click “sign in.”

NOTE: Your Network/Email ID is the ID you use to access your DoE email (ex. If your DoE email is: [email protected] then your network/email ID is: JDOE.)

How To Reset Employee Passwords

You can manage (change, reset) your password and DOE account information through the Password and Profile Management tool.

Reset Your Password

  1. Go to the Password and Profile Management(Open external link) tool.
  2. Click on Forgot Password.
  3. Enter your DOE username (it is your email with the ‘’).
  4. Choose a reset method:
  5. Personal Details: you will be asked for your last name, 7-digit employee ID number, and your date of birth.
  6. Secondary Email: an email to reset your password will be sent to an alternate email address, for example, your personal Gmail address. (You will have needed to add a secondary email address to your account for this option to work. See the Add a Secondary Email or Phone Number section below.)
  7. Security Questions: answer a series of questions to reset your password. (You will need to have set up security questions before you attempt to reset your password. See the Set Up Security Questions section below.)
  8. Check the CAPTCHA.
  9. Click on Reset Password.
  10. Follow all prompts to reset your password.

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