How To Access The BAYADA Employee Portal

Bayada Home Health Care created the BAYADA Employee Portal to enable Home Health, Hospice and Office with a email to access and manage their accounts online. Field Employees with a personal email can also use their credentials to access their resources online.

However, a User ID and a unique password is required to access the portal. A user ID uniquely identifies you on the site. It also keeps unauthorized users from accessing your account. You create your own user ID and are responsible for securing it. If you haven’t created a user ID yet, register as a new user.

Registration Instructions for Home Health, Hospice Office and Field Employee

The BAYADA Employee Portal is a gateway available to Home Health, Hospice Office and Field Employees only. If you are a first time user, follow the steps below to register for online account.

Step 1: In a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Edge, or Chrome), go to or If you do not have an active account, click Sign Up and enter the following before clicking Register:

  • Personal email address
  • Password of your choice
  • Your First name
  • Your Last Name
  • Last 4 digits of your SSN
  • Date of Birth in MM/DD/YYYY format. (e.g. 01/25/1983)
  • 9-digit Employee Workday ID (found the bottom left corner of your ID Badge)

Step 2: Upon your first Okta login, you will be required to complete your Security Questions.

Step 3: Follow the steps below—entering your contact information and selecting a security question of your choice that you will remember in the future and others would not know—to create your account:

  • Add a secondary email as a backup way to contact you (recommended)
  • Choose a security question and provide an answer (required)
  • Add a phone number for text messages (strongly recommended)
  • Add a phone number for calls (recommended)
  • Choose a security image that you will remember and recognize (required)
  • Select Create My Account
  • You will receive an activation email from Okta to confirm email you provided. Click the link provided to activate your email (this link is safe). You must complete this step to successfully register.

Important Note: The first time you login, or if you are using a new browser or new device you will receive an email alerting you to the login. If you receive this email and the login was not you, please report as suspicious activity.

How To Access The BAYADA Employee Portal

Once your account setup is complete, you can access your BAYADA applications all in one place—the MyApps tab. As a field employee, your MyApps landing page will be populated with the following standard applications:

  • Workday—employee benefits, human resources, and personal information
  • Earnings—a detailed breakdown of employee pay statements
  • Workday How To—information and user guides for using Workday
  • BAYU—access to BAYADA University

Below are login instructions for Home Health, Hospice Office and Field Employees:

BAYADA Employee Portal
  • Home Health, Hospice and Office: with a email? Please use your credentials to access: Login Here
  • Field Employee with a personal email? Login Here

Contact Information

Employee Benefits

Payroll Field Employees

Payroll Office Employees

IT Help Desk

IT Sales Inquiries
[email protected]

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