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The Clean Harbors Employee Portal as is a comprehensive web-based employee portal that allows Clean Harbors Employees to monitor and manage all their time-attendance and leave options online.

The employees will find details on benefits, corporate events as well as insurance, and others. You can check their pay stubs and control your 401(k) account as well as take care of various certifications using the portal.

The portal for employees also contains the most recent information about the business. The portal lets employees stay informed about company award winners, new hires, and job openings. The portal can be accessed by employees at any location via desktop and mobile phones.

Why Access The Clean Harbors Employee Portal?

Through the The Clean Harbors Employee Portal, Employees also have access to their company’s portal and information online. The portal provides the most recent information on events, news awards, and job announcements by Clean Harbors.

There are many benefits of accessing your account. Some of them are listed below:

  • Make sure you record your time off for vacation.
  • Print and view your pay statement.
  • Review or update your information, as well as view the history of work
  • Log into a wellness account when you’re covered by the Health Benefit Plan of GE Health. Benefit Plan
  • Review and revise your benefits selections
  • Get the latest news from the company and announcements
  • Apply to or manage a position at Clean Harbors
  • Access LearningSourcePlus is an online learning management system (LMS)

How To Access The Clean Harbors Employee Portal

The Clean Harbors Employee Portal is accessible to all employees at the firm. Users can log in anytime, anyplace. All they need are login credentials to access the portal.

If you don’t already have these credentials you must create an account in order to obtain Clean Harbors employee self-service login credentials.

  1. Visit to access the official Clean-Harbors Employee Portal webpage.
  2. You’ll be sent to the page for Employee sign-in.
  3. Your clean Harbors username and password should be entered.
  4. To log into your Clean Harbors Employee account, choose “Log in” or click the “Log Log In” button.

Users will be required to change passwords every ninety (90) days. While password changes can be more often, they should occur whenever there is a belief that the password has been compromised. All passwords for newly activated userids must be changed at first use.

This way only the person assigned the user ID knows the password. If you believe that your password has been compromised you should contract both your manager and the Help Desk immediately.

Clean Harbors Helpdesk Contact Details

If you have any questions or have issues using your Clean Harbors Employee account Contact us to Clean Harbors customer service:

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