How To Access The Matrix Employee Portal –

Rapid growth of industrialization has caused a boost in the number of employees working in an organization. Thus, handling employee queries on leave management and over time becomes a cumbersome task for the HR department. Matrix Employee Portal also known as Matrix COSEC ESS is a comprehensive web based employee portal allowing users to monitor and manage all their time-attendance and leave options.

The Matrix Employee Portal enables the employees to obtain the information they need without bothering their supervisors or human resources personnel. Employees can check their entitlements to have access to ever changing work information.

Using Employee Self Service, the employees can view a variety of information including attendance summary, punch events, attendance details, leave balance, holiday and work schedules. Additionally, reporting officer can approve or reject leave and tour applications, authorize attendance and plan work schedules of his subordinates.

Why Access The Matrix Employee Portal?

At times, it becomes difficult for employees to keep track of their leaves. This leads to confusion in having accurate attendance and leave details. Matrix Employee Portal provides direct web based access to employees that helps them view their attendance summary, attendance details and leave status for a particular day, current month, previous month or for any pre-defined period.

Employees can request for attendance authorization, overtime, compensatory-off and personal/official tour through the ESS portal. This request is reflected on the reporting officer’s ESS dashboard. Hence, with such web based portal tedious and manual paperwork can be eliminated.

To have complete track of cafeteria details, a user can check his/her pre-paid and post-paid cafeteria expenses during the month. User can also check monthly menu and apply for any correction in the consumption. Moreover, authorized employees can pre-register a visitor quickly and easily before the actual visit. By using ESS portal users can register vehicle’s details.

How To Access The Matrix Employee Portal –

You can sign into the Portal utilizing an internet browser or through a versatile application while in the workplace, home or in a hurry provided you have the login credentials which incorporates a full email address for User ID and password.

The log in credential can only be given to employees by their employer; for guidelines, please speak with your manager, HR, or internal help desk.

However, if you are already a registered employee with login credentials (username and password), you can quickly access the employee portal by following the straightforward steps listed below.

Matrix Employee Portal

Forgot Password?

  1. Visit the Matrix log in portal at
  2. Click on “forgot password
  3. When you click on forgot password you will be redirected to password reset home page
  4. Enter the email associated with you matrix employee account
  5. Click on send instruction
  6. Instructions on how to reset your password will be sent to this email. Please make sure this is the email you use to log in on this site.

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