How To Access The Oasis Employee Portal

Paychex Oasis Employee Connect provides employees with convenient, 24/7 online access to important information on the go. Through the Oasis Employee Portal, employees will be able to access and manage their resources online.

Paychex HR provides a scalable suite of HR solutions and guidance from a dedicated HR professional to help you confidently tackle your HR challenges. At every stage of your business, their HR expertise and industry-leading technology helps you to streamline HR functions and give your people the tools to be more productive.

Key features include:

  • Viewing Paychex contact information
  • Viewing payroll summary
  • Viewing current and prior pay stubs
  • Viewing PTO
  • Viewing and updating personal information
  • Viewing 401(k) balance and linking directly to the Retirement Plan Website
  • Accessing W-2 and updating W-4 withholding information
  • Accessing many of the employee discount programs

How To Register for the Oasis Employee Portal

If the company you work for is a client of Oasis, please follow the simple instructions below to register for a user account.

  • Go to
  • Click “Sign up
  • Complete registration, enter requested information, including:
    • Employee ID or Last 4 of SSN
    • Date of Birth
    • Email Address
    • Username (log on name)
    • Password
    • Confirm Password
    • Security Question
    • Security Question Answer
    • Confirm Answer
  • Submit

Incomplete fields will present a warning notification to review and validate errors; otherwise, you will receive a Success message.

Once registered, it will direct you to the log in screen to view your information. You will then have access to your electronic paycheck and other information.

Note: A confirmation email will be sent from [email protected] with your username. If you have any questions, please contact the Employee Service Center at 800-822-8704.

How To Access The Oasis Employee Portal

All users of the Oasis employee portal must log in anonymously. After logging in, they will be taken to the dashboard page, where they can access their information.

Any computer can be used to access the employee portal; however, the employee must have an active account with a username and password.

How To Access The Oasis Employee Portal

Oasis employees can access the portal by going to and entering a valid username and a password. If you have forgotten your password and or password, contact the help desk or use the Need help logging in? link to retrive it.

Employee Services Website Frequently Asked Questions

1: How do I register for the Employee Services Website? Please visit and click on the sign up link. Provide your email address and follow the prompts.

2:What can I find on the Employee Services Website? By registering for the Employee Services Website, you will have access to:

  • Pay, benefits, and time off information
  • W-2, W-4, and Direct Deposit information
  • Employee Discounts
  • And more

3: Do you have an App for the Employee Services Website? Yes! Oasis Employee Connect, which features the most popular items from the Employee Services Website, is available for install from the App Store for iPhone/iPad and from Google Play for Android. Click here for more information on the Mobile Apps.

4: I need to access Employee Onboarding, how do I do that? Click here to get started with Electronic Onboarding. The Oasis system is easy to use and eliminates physical paperwork.

5: How do I access my W-2/1095-C? If you registered to receive your W-2/1095-C electronically, you can:

  • Log in to the Employee Services Website
  • Click on W-2/1095-C Services, click on Access Current Year-End Statements
  • Choose Download

You will receive an email each year when your forms are ready for download. Those not signed up for electronic retrieval can expect their W-2 to be mailed by January 31st each year.

6: How do I sign up to receive my W-2/1095-C electronically? Log into the Employee Services Website and choose W-2/1095-C Services. Follow the instructions to create your user ID and password and then you can elect to receive your W-2 and/or 1095-C electronically.

7: How do I know if I will be receiving a 1095-C? Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) or employers with five or more full-time equivalent employees are required to send Form 1095-C to all full-time employees, as well as part-time employees who averaged 30 or more hours (ACA eligible) during a look-back measurement period, and any employee who was enrolled in their health insurance plan.

So if your employer is an ALE and you were a full-time employee, part-time ACA eligible, and/or were enrolled in health insurance through your employer at any time during the tax year, you should receive a Form 1095-C.

8: What if I don’t receive or can’t find my W-2/1095-C? Electronic W-2s are free of charge and can be retrieved at any time from the Employee Services Website. Active employees as of December 31st of a given year, can receive a W-2 reprint, at no charge from February 7th through April 15th from the previous year; after April 16th, the charge will be $14.95.

All requests for reprints from terminated employees for the current year or any prior year will be charged $14.95. 1095-Cs can be retrieved, free of charge, at any time from the Employee Services Website.

9: How do I make name, address, or Social Security Number changes? Please verify that your name, Social Security Number and address are accurate. You may update your address by registering to use the Employee Services Website.

Any written changes must be mailed to Oasis Outsourcing, 2054 Vista Parkway, Suite 300, West Palm Beach, FL 33411 or faxed to (866) 641-3398. You may also give changes to the payroll contact at your company who can submit them electronically to Oasis. All changes must be received prior to the end of the current tax year.

All paper W-2s will be mailed prior to January 31st for the previous year, in accordance with IRS guidelines, to the employee’s address on file as of year end.

Customer Service

For general questions, please contact the Oasis Employee Service Center at (800) 822-8704. For Benefits-related questions, please contact the Oasis Benefits Enrollment Center at (866) 826-3488. For W-2/1095-C questions, please contact customer support at (866) 641-8699.

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