How To Access The Quest Diagnostics Employee Portal –

Employees at Quest Diagnostics can view their work schedule, pay their healthcare bills, get performance reviews, and look into career opportunities through the Quest Diagnostics employee portal. Additionally, the portal provides tools for accessing many materials, updating personal health information, and keeping track of employee attendance.

Read this post carefully and completely as it provides you the easy and simple step by step instructions to access the Quest HR Service Center portal. Off-network employees need their RAC card to access this portal. Continue reading below for more information.

How To Access The Quest Diagnostics Employee Portal

To improve the security of your Quest Diagnostic account, you will need to use a username and password for Quest Diagnostics Employee Self-Service Portal.

If you already have an account, that’s wonderful, but if not, you should register first and use these links to log in to your Quest Diagnostics Employee Portal account.

Quest Diagnostics Employee Portal

Off-network employees need their RAC card to access this portal. Follow the steps below to to access the HRSC Portal remotely.

If you are accessing the portal from off the Quest Network (e.g. your mobile device or home computer), you will need to enter your Rac/eGrid card as a second step in the authentication process.

  • Click on the Enter button for Employees
  • Log in with your Quest username and password
  • Authenticate with your RAC/eGrid card:

Note: Off network users will not have access to Workforce Central or HR requests through the portal.

The Remote Access Card (RAC) or eGrid card is a security protocol used to access Quest systems remotely either through VPN on a Quest issued computer or remotely from your personal computer or mobile device.

Download the Quest Sam mobile app. Your grid card was provided when you were hired and is also available in the Quest Sam mobile app. (Please download and install the mobile app for easy storage and access to your card.) Use your regular Quest Credentials to access this mobile application.

Note: If you have never authenticated your RAC/eGrid card from off network, you will be asked to enter in your RAC/eGrid card information and prompted to answer a set of security questions. You may be prompted to enter a new password – make sure to write it down for future reference.

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