HrOneStop: How To Access Your Account

HROneStop also known as AT&T HR Access is the place for active and former AT&T employees and their dependents to access benefits and company information anytime anywhere. AT&T launched the HrOneStop to enable its employees to get an easier time working for the company. They can quickly get instant updates and notifications about their jobs and follow up on remuneration. Other details regarding their jobs are also available on the portal. 

The AT&T HR Access portal has different logins for active employees, retired employees, and dependents. This portal is for internal use only and is not available for members who aren’t under AT&T’s administrative database. The portal has been made easy to navigate, allowing users to access different administrative matters easily. Those with an AT&T HR online account will enjoy benefits such as:

  • Get instant alerts and notifications from the company. Any new information the company might want to relay to its staff is available on the HrOneStop. 
  • Update your personal information via the HrOneStop portal. 
  • Control your work profile and update it online without visiting any administrative office. 
  • Request any changes in your shift. 
  • You are viewing the roster and work schedule or timetable for easier planning. 
  • Requesting for a vacation or leave and following up on the status of that application.
  • Vacation request and leave application status management
  • Work schedule/roster viewing
  • Able to request shit changes
  • Manage your work profile
  • Update any personal information through the online portal
  • Access AT&T Employee Discounts and Perks
  • Any notifications or alerts can be obtained through this portal

HrOneStop ATT Login Steps

You need is a login ID and password that you will be provided when you are employed in AT&T. You can use it to log in to your work account and use the services. The HR department for the most part gives active employees the ATTUID or the employee ID. They can likewise be given the worldwide password.

Active Wireline Non-Management employees can search and apply for jobs by clicking Login, even from a non-work location. Former Eligible Wireline Non-Management employees must register first.

  • Visit the HrOneStop login page
  • Select the Login box located in the section titled ‘active employees.’
  • Enter your AT&T username and global password.

There are other ways to log in using the HrOneStop AT Login.

  • SAFENET Token: You can log into the system using SafeNet Token by using the menu bar. You must enter your ID as an employee as well as then enter the SafeNet passcode.
  • Mobile Key Choose this selection and then turn off the toggle. Enter the employee ID as well as the password that was sent to this mobile.
  • MTIPS Token: In the menu Select to enter the MTIPS Token and enter your login information here.
  • RSA SecurID Token Select the dropdown menu, then choose the option RSA SecurID token. Input your token pin as well as the user ID to begin.

Forgot Your Password?

For active employees, if you have forgotten your login credentials, contact your HR or administrative officer to retrieve/reset your login credentials. This process is only available for non-active employees. If you have forgotten your login credentials, here’s how you can retrieve/reset them:

  • Visit the AT&T HR Access portal.
  • Click on the ‘Forgot Password‘ option.
  • Enter the details requested, such as username, secret question, and answer.
  • Click on ‘Submit’ to reset your password.

Still Need Help?

In case you encounter problems while trying to use the HrOneStop ATT Login portal, help is not far away. Some issues like internet access and hardware mishaps are easy to solve from your end. However, you can’t solve a lag or inability to access the HrOneStop ATT Login portal from your end. Thus, you might have to contact the customer service team. 

The company is always ready to help you resolve your troubles using the HrOneStop ATT Login portal. You can reach them right from the website or their phone number: 888-722-1787. 


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