How To Access The Vfficient Employee Portal

When you need information about your paycheck or PTO, you want it now—and that’s exactly what the Vfficient login portal delivers. It’s a secure employee portal that’s simple to use, easy to navigate, and available anytime, day or night.

However, the Vfficient online portal for employess is built by Vensure Employer Services, a nationwide provider of HR solutions, the Vfficient login portal allows you to access:

  • Digital paystubs: See how much you were paid and when.
  • PTO status: In just seconds, you’ll know how many vacation and sick days you have available. You can even submit a PTO request from your phone or tablet.
  • Time Clock: Clock in and out at the press of a button—perfect for when you’re not working at your usual workstation.
  • Benefits: There’s never been an easier way to view your benefit options, see the number of dependents you have, or reviewhow much you’ve contributed to your retirement plan.
  • Wages On-Demand: Take control of your finances with their Wages On-Demand service. ZayZoon allows employees to instantly access their earned wages at any time.

New User Registration

The PrismHR platform helps your organization deliver world-class HR services for your clients and their employees. However, to access the Vensure employee login portal, first you must have an account with username and password. Follow the steps below to register your account.

  • Visit the Vfficient login Portal
  • Click on “Register” to access the new user registration page
  • On the registration page enter your details on the spaces provided
  • Then click on “Register”

Vfficient Login Steps

The Vensure employee login commonly called the Vfficient login portal is available to employees of VensureHR, Vensure Employer Services, and any company currently using Vfficient for their end-to-end HR management needs.

Before you can access the portal, you need to be a registered employee. To access the right portal option, go to the Vensure employee access page following the steps below.

Vfficient Login

If you have forgotten your username and/or password, you can use the Forgot Username? and Forgot Password? link under the login page to retrieve it.

For additional assistance, please email [email protected] or call 866-636-2855.Log In

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